Monday, 19 May 2014

Thinking over my last entry, it seems a bit self righteous.  That was not my intent.  Sometimes my passion gets the better of me.  I would hate that anyone who may have been victimized should read this and feel further victimized.  I hope that should he or she read it my intent would somehow get through however.

What I tried so inelegantly to say was that, although the institution of the church may have failed them, God had not and that the institution of the church does not always represent the church nor the Catholic Faith.  If we are to keep that faith, we as a community need to keep renewing the faith.  We need to read the Bible and the lives of the saints and also our Catechism. 

We also need to take an active part in the daily life of our church community.  We need to be vigilant and keep those responsible for guiding the Church, i.e. the clergy responsible to us and to God.  We need to be the workers in Christ's vineyard.